Hands-down the most anticipated match of any ICC, the tournament is tomorrow and the stakes are higher than ever as India takes on Pakistan in yet another match. While India is the one to beat for any team, Pakistan should definitely feel the pressure as they are rated average for world cup 2019.


This match is set at the Old Trafford stadium, a ground which is known for uneven bounce yet high scores. The pitch is expected to be fairly green which will help the pace attack and batsmen alike. There are slight chances of rain which could be the biggest turndown of this tournament. Both teams will come out with their best playing 11.


It will be a crucial decision for both the teams, especially for Pakistan. Pakistan will probably look to bat first and defend a respectable total with Amir and others. On the other hand, India can go either way. Technically we expect them to bat first considering the conditions. Pakistan has scored a big total against England batting first and that means this batting line-up can be collapse under pressure. However, if India had to bowl first they will try their best to destroy this not so good batting of Pakistan.


India batting first and starting off well is the best situation from their point of view. With the openers in form and Kohil right after, India can score around 350 again. Dhoni and Pandya will guard in the middle. Experts say that Pandya can turn out to be the match winner for this clash. While defending, India will look for wickets in the first 10 overs and then break the team with consistent wickets. If it doesn’t go as planned we might see a few Dhoni decisions on the ground.

For Pakistan, they definitely don’t want any of the first 3 Indian batsmen to construct the innings. If they succeed in doing that, India might barely reach 300. Amir and Wahab Riaz will be important for their attack.

To chase Pakistan wouldn’t really have a strategy. None of their batsmen have been promising so far and inconsistency has been their weakness. They will have to save wickets and rely on early partnerships to put up a battle.


Pakistan batting first tries to perform just like they did against England, but the Indian bowling is much better to crack. With Bumrah and Kuldeep, Indians will attack from the first ball and saving the wicket should be Pakistan’s first interest. Only then can they score a 300.

Defending the score will require early wickets. Even if one of the players stick in the beginning Pakistan can get into deep trouble.  It’s high time that Pakistan bowl to their potential and stop miss fielding which can cost them another match. Being the stronger side, India will look to put pressure back on Pakistan at every stage of the game.


It’s a 70-30 match in favor of India. Pakistan will have to come up with a good cricketing strategy and not just emotions. All India has to do is not making a mistake. On the other hand, Pakistan really has to play for their chances in the world cup.