This is one of those rare moments when a team selection favored performances and current form over experience and versatility. The team management was positive about their decision and said that we tried to keep the squad well-balanced in both batting and bowling. The team had to see more than a few changes from its previous squad making it a team with young skilled players who can risk themselves in the foreign conditions.

Fans and experts also said that a few of these changes were not necessary. Dropping the experienced Ashwin and choosing Kuldeep, not picking up Suresh Raina was a shocking decision, fans were hoping to see Yuvraj Singh on the side for one last time but sadly that was also turned down. The overall selection might look best for business but it definitely risked the team for a few big moments.

Instead of all the criticism that the selection committee got, their decision turned out to be right and India has been undefeated so far. The only point that they dropped was against New Zealand as the match was abandoned due to rain. The Indian bowling attack has not worked tremendously well but it surely is on par with any other bowling attack so far.

The major issue that coaches and management realized a bit too late was the lack of left-handers in the team. The opener, Shikhar Dhawan is the only proper left-handed batsman. Dhawan is one of the key players for India in overseas condition and his ICC performance is better than any other player who is currently listed on the side. His best performance in this tournament was a cracking century against the favorite Australia who was defeated by India in their previous clash making them the undisputed contender for winning the trophy.

After Dhawan was hit by a firing ball by Cummins he couldn’t return on the park for fielding. As disappointing as it was, he was doubtful to play for a few days and this was worrying for the team. Not only would they lose one of their best batsmen but also the only left-hander as discussed before.

The team’s strategy would be promoting KL Rahul up the order and allow him to open for the team. The next big step would be calling Rishabh Pant, another left-hander who can hit the ball really hard. Virat said that having no left-hander isn’t something that a captain would be happy about and hence it is necessary to have options to match unpredictable conditions on the ground. A lot of many grounds and bowling attacks require lefty to handle them and India surely don’t want to miss on that factor. The physio and team report said that Dhawan will be fine much sooner than expected and contribute for the team just like he did in the previous matches. India looks alert and aware of their opponents and hopes to win their 3rd world cup.