The world cup 2019 already seems like a shorter version of the regular tournament because of only 10 teams. Matches have been pretty predictable except for the surprisingly high scoring ones which have set chasing bars higher than any previous world cup. It’s the initial stage and teams are still getting used to the pitches, hoping to qualify for the knockouts. Only 4 out of these 10 teams will go on to the next stage which directly leads to the grand finale and the margin of error is very small.

Rains have been contributing to the already very short world cup. Out of the first 16 matches, 4 were spoiled by rain by either abandoning the match or the umpires were forced to give a verdict by DLS method. Unfortunately, Sri Lanka was involved in 2 of these matches. All the teams are reduced to only 9 matches each and sharing of point or no result can affect the qualifications drastically.

The 16th ODI between Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was abandoned and this has shaken the points table. While the West Indies looked firm with their performance, it slipped down after the points were shared between the teams. Out of the 3 completely abandoned matches and one DLS, this is the first time that sharing of points resulted in a change of positions. Both the umpires and match referee Jeff Crowe had to come to a conclusion which was not in the best of their interests. County Ground, Bristol has been the famous location for rains this season and that alone influenced the decision. According to the umpires the match had to commence by 16:17 local, otherwise the match result would be affected. The ground team tried their best but because it would take another 2-3 hours to get settles with the conditions we had delay our decision. Finally, when the rain kept getting harder it became obvious that the match had to be abandoned, the umpires added.

With 4 points in their 4 matches, Sri Lanka still has a lot of hopes. On the other hand, Afghanistan and Bangladesh must be very disappointed due to rain. The weather forecast clearly explains that a few more matches can be affected because of rain. After every team crosses at least 5 matches the table will look clearer and the chances of at least 6 teams making it to the semi-finals will show up predictably. If rain interrupts any match post this stage it will be a let-down not just for the teams but also for the spectators. Billions of people watch this sport in England and all around the world hope that this doesn’t happen.

Ringing the bells back from champion’s trophy final between India vs England that was reduced to a 20 overs battle was a disappointment for England. From Australia vs Pakistan to England vs West Indies, all the matches will be crucial and hopefully uninterrupted.